Simple Scheduling For You and Your Patients

We understand that life happens and patients cancel, miss, or need to change appointments. That’s why we designed our appointment scheduling software to be user friendly and easy to update.

Appointment Scheduling Made Easy

AlphaSoft Schedules is designed to make scheduling the ideal appointment a breeze. The paperless, easy-to-use software helps avoid delays at check-in through early account and eligibility verification, search functions, and patient tracking.


Patient Tracking

Open Encounter Tracking ensures that each patient is accounted for from the waiting room to the exam room. If a patient requests an appointment change, making edits and tracking patients’ missed, moved, and cancelled appointments is all just a click away. Tracking your patients is vital to a healthy and efficient practice. AlphaSoft makes it that much easier.

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No Paper, No Problems

From the moment a patient requests an appointment, AlphaSoft Schedules begins full, simple electronic documentation. The software’s features let patients verify their eligibility and account balances prior to their visit to avoid delays at check-in, while “Search Next Available” and calendars make it easy to find the ideal appointment.



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Schedules Features

  • Customizable register template

  • Real Time and Batch Eligibility

  • Co-pays/pre-pays with printable receipts

  • Search next available appointment

  • Waiting list

  • Custom appointment types

  • Week at a Glance

  • Electronic Encounter tracking

  • Customize Superbill/Encounter forms

  • Add, copy, change, and tag appointments

  • Confirm, track, and search appointments

  • Referral and authorization tracking

“It has been a privilege to work with AlphaSOft. The AlphaSOft staff is always extremely polite and supportive. With the many advances in technology, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the new information. However, it is reassuring to have the AlphaSOftstaff on our side. I would highly recommend this program to all medical offices.”

Murray, Office Manager

“We have been testing the new version of AlphaSoft for several months and are very pleased with the new version and are excited about all of the new features that AlphaSoft has supplied and made available to us. I would recommend this AlphaSoft to any medical practice that is looking to purchase an EMR/EHR system.”

Swafford, Medical Specialists

“We are very thankful for the dedicated support staff at AlphaSoft. Recently, one of your tech people went above and beyond helping us fix our doctor’s laptop when our hardware person couldn’t. You do an awesome job. Thanks so much!”

Mannino, General Practice
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