VOIP & Telephony

Full Unified Communication as a Service solution, replaces on-premise PBX or inferior Hosted Voice/UC Services.

Chat in teams privately one-on-one or in groups. Audio and video calls are just a click away, and notifications and chat history ensure everyone is kept up to date. Access Microsoft Teams on any device with confidence knowing it is built with enterprise-level security from Office 365.

It is a one-stop solution for all business collaborative, document management, information, and communication needs. There’s no need to buy and install another app for collaboration.

Microsoft offers you all these for free — and MORE!

Skilled Outpatient Health Services

Specifically, designed software to ensure your facility operates more effectively and compliant.

No-Contact Admissions

Secure Nurse Portal




Utilization Review

Add to your bottom line by following a tried and true Utilization Review Process.

Ensure that your Organization follows the Gold Standard of Care.

Utilization Review is such an important aspect of your ____Business? That not enough can be said about it.

Our exclusive Module focuses on showing your Organization how to achieve the Gold Standard of Care, increase Patient satisfaction, strengthening ___stakeholder? Relationships and increasing your ROI.

But no software solution can help your UR Department achieve its goals alone, a hands-on approach is needed. Based on your industry’s feedback, we created a unique, hybrid model to elevate your UR Department to new heights.

With this exclusive hybrid module, your Organization will receive a comprehensive, 30-point process assessment from our team of experts. After a hands-on process evaluation, our software solution will go-live to maximize your goals.

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Enterprise Content/ Electronic Health Record Management

From scanning to WorkfFlows, our solution can help your Organization operate more efficiently and effectively.

Learn how digital process management, paperless workflows and secure ____ portals all work together to create a more efficient process organization-wide.

Our ECM module is designed to promote inter-departmental cooperation, while saving money.

This cutting-edge technology is available to small and large clients, from 10 Users to 4 Million. Even smaller clients can enjoy the technology we offer our larger clients and cities.

Our ECM solution is used by over 7 Million People per day around the world!




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Public Health Solutions

  • From Outpatient to Admissions, our Public Health Services Module will create Employee cooperation and facilitate efficiency

  • Custom Care Plans are easily manageable through the secure Nurse Portal.

  • WorkFlows automatically send scripts off to Pharmacies and Doctors for review and approvals.

  • If your departments and/or Employees suffer from over-process, or non-communication, than our Public Health Services Module will help to tie all that together, while saving your _____office? Money.


Key Phrases

“It has been a privilege to work with AlphaSOft. The AlphaSOft staff is always extremely polite and supportive. With the many advances in technology, it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the new information. However, it is reassuring to have the AlphaSOftstaff on our side. I would highly recommend this program to all medical offices.”

Murray, Office Manager

“We have been testing the new version of AlphaSoft for several months and are very pleased with the new version and are excited about all of the new features that AlphaSoft has supplied and made available to us. I would recommend this AlphaSoft to any medical practice that is looking to purchase an EMR/EHR system.”

Swafford, Medical Specialists

“We are very thankful for the dedicated support staff at AlphaSoft. Recently, one of your tech people went above and beyond helping us fix our doctor’s laptop when our hardware person couldn’t. You do an awesome job. Thanks so much!”

Mannino, General Practice
We pride ourselves in providing your Organization with the the tools you need to operate more efficiently and compliant.