AlphaSoft is comprised of several high-ranking medical professionals with years of experience in multiple specialties.

Our overall goal for our partners is to:

  • Enhance Compliance
  • Elevate to Gold Standard of Care
  • Reduce Costs
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Reduce Paper Processes
  • Increase Client Satisfaction

We work together with our clients to map out a plan for success achieve common goals.

Reach out for a no-cost assessment to determine your Organization’s needs.

SCHEDULE 15-Minute consult


Our selective suite of software solutions allows organizations in various sectors to operate more efficiently and reduce costs.

Several of our modules can be customized and specifically configured to fit your requirements.

Please reach out for an expert evaluation of your needs.

Just some highlights:

  • Entirely Cloud-Based – Secure and compliant on Azure Cloud Servers

  • All Devices – Fully mobile, 24/7 access

  • Enhanced Integrations – Easily integrate our solutions to existing software vendors. (hyperlink to impressive vendor list)re

  • Electronic Process Management – Digitize your processes for better efficiency

  • Enterprise Document Management – From scanning to OCR to WorkFlows, we have it all

  • HIPPA Compliance – Do not settle for less


One solution cannot fulfill all of your Organization’s needs.

That is why we have built in an enhanced integration and API platform to effectively and seamlessly communicate with these software vendors…. and many more!

Our solutions